Public & Optional Holidays of 2024

Public Holidays
Optional Holidays


Discover the schedule of public and optional holidays for various months. Navigate through the holiday types and pinpoint a month to reveal specific holiday insights.

Getting Started

Embark on your holiday exploration by:

  1. Launching the webpage in a browser that’s compatible.
  2. Delve into the tabs to choose your holiday preference: Public or Optional.
  3. From the dropdown, select a month.
  4. View the holiday details for your chosen category and month.

Tabs Overview

The tool is organized with two distinct tabs:

  • Public Holidays Tab: Showcases a list of public holidays.
  • Visual Cue: Red
  • Action: Click to discover public holidays.
  • Optional Holidays Tab: Curates a selection of optional holidays.
  • Visual Cue: Black
  • Action: Click to explore optional holidays.

Month Selection

Employ the Month Dropdown to earmark a month and unearth holiday particulars. The dropdown menu presents all the available choices.

Holiday Display

The Holiday Results segment unfurls the holiday data tailored to your preferences, detailing each holiday’s date and designation.

  • Availability: If there are holidays for the chosen type and month, they’ll be enumerated.
  • Non-availability: Should there be no holidays for the selection, a notification “No holiday in [selected month]” will manifest.

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