Any manufacturer or distibutor can apply and sale their product free.

Required Documents ::
Bank Deatails (for recive payments)

You just click here to apply and procced

Ok, that’s good to understand deeply about the proceduer of selling products on shopside. click here to get the video link and watch the procudeure step by step

Video link will soon add, but for now you can write us click here

Yes,shopside take only 12% of each sale

Dont be worry Shopside will deliver your products by our logistics partner. You just pack your product properly.

for now No, this feature (deliver yourself) will add, till you can deliver your product by shopside.in logistict partner

You can write us click here

  • Step 1 Apply Became a seller, click here to Apply
  • Step 2 It will review by Shopside.in seller incharge, if everything is ok, You will get a link vie your given email id
  • Step 2 Then you can adding/listing your products

You can write us click here

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